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Jin Shin Jyutsu is the ancient art of harmonizing life energy in the body, with conscious compassionate touch. It is for those with existing stress and health disharmonies. And is preventative for those who wish to actively participate in creating vibrant health and balance.

Immune System

Improve your immune system with specific JSJ Acupressure sequences.

Stress Management

JSJ Acupressure helps with all forms of anxiety and depression by assisting the body to harmonize the attitudes of Worry, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Trying Too Hard.
Cancer (relieves after effects of chemotherapy)

Cancer Patients

JSJ Acupressure reduces common physical side effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
Sore muscles

Fertility & Hormonal Imbalances

JSJ Acupressure helps the body to harmonize hormonal imbalance, enhances fertility and assists during pregnancy and neonatal care.
Stroke Patients

Stroke Patients

JSJ Acupressure is known to lower heart rate in stroke patients and is an asset in cardiovascular health.
Bad back pain

Sore Muscles, Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain

JSJ Acupressure effectively relieves muscle aches, muscle cramping, neck, shoulder and back pain caused by overuse of arms, muscle tension, arthritis, compressed nerves and stiffness.

Why Visit Us?

We know you have a wide variety of therapies available to choose from. Here’s why we think you should visit us:

JSJ Acupressure has been improving the wellness of children and adults of all ages in Houston since 2001. We have:

  • Highly trained & certified practitioner

It’s been very therapeutic for me. Whatever is stressing me, one session of Jin Shin calms me down. Falling asleep is the best. I awake fully refreshed. Kathy, you are awesome.

– OA

Our Practitioner

A dedicated therapist and life long educator, Kathleen has been a Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner since 2001.

Kathleen Dunderdale BA Edu (U of KY), MA Curriculum/Teaching (Michigan State) is a certified Jin Shin Jyutsu ® practitioner and Self Help teacher. She began her JSJ studies in London in 2000 and continued her studies in USA, Singapore, Japan, Europe and Ireland. She has studied under Haruki Kato Sensei, Sadaki Kato and mentored with Lynne Pflueger and Carlos Gutterres. She is a graduate of the Jin Shin Jyutsu Professional Practitioners course co sponsored by the Mary Burmeister JSJ Institute and Atlantic Health system. She is also a Principal Practitioner of the Art of Jin Shin with the Jin Shin Institute Murai Method.

Kathleen Dunderdale

What To Expect

How can Jin Shin Jyutsu® help you?

JSJ is the ancient Japanese Art of releasing tensions which cause various symptoms in the body. It is effective for the treatment of all conditions as a complementary therapy. Practicing JSJ Self Help will engrain the philosophy of living effortlessly, just BEing. Jin Shin Jyutsu® engages 26 ‘safety energy locks’ along a network of energy pathways that nourish life within the body. Blocked energy locks cause disharmony ranging from a simple headache to projects such as cancer. We had great results working with adults and children with various problems and projects such as sinus disorders, high/low blood pressure, back problems, migraines, stomach, sleep disorders, neck, jaw, whiplash, irregular menstrual cycles, autism, ear infections, depression, behavioural disorders, broken bones, pre and post surgery, MS, stroke, circulation problems, pre-post natal,fertility issues, Parkinson’s, senility, panic attack, muscular pain and stress. For those without ailment,receiving regular sessions keeps the mind in harmony releasing ‘stuck’ behaviour patterns and releasing tensions which in turn helps to prevent illness. JSJ is not meant to replace conventional health care.

Quiet, comfortable, convenient location |  Convenient office hours by appointment

Applying an acupressure technique to a client in Houston TX

What we can receive in a session.

Peace that passes all understanding. I feel so so so relaxed and calm

– CV

Jin Shin Jyutsu® does not involve massage, manipulation of bones or muscles. You will lie face up on the massage table fully clothed. After observing the body we will listen to the pulse at the wrist, fingertips are then placed over clothing in specific combinations. This is called jumper cabling.

As energy shifts, you may find yourself drifting off to sleep. When finished you will have time to rest.

Allow 90 min for the treatment. Some children may require less time. You may be given ‘self help’ to practice at home which will complement your session.

According to the record of ancient things in JAPAN —The Kojiki, written in 712 AD, contains the earliest written record of JSJ. Jin Shin Jyutsu® literally translated means ‘The Art of the Creator through Compassionate Man’. Through the studies and dedication of philosopher and teacher Master Jiro Murai, the ancient art was revived and this precious gift was brought to the west by his student, Mary Burmeister.

To learn more click on the link

Jin Shin Jyutsu ®

Learning the Art Through Jin Shin Institute.

The ancient Japanese Art of balancing life force energy, JSJ releases tension on every level and aids all health imbalances. Jin Shin Jyutsu® is the Art of Getting to Know (Help) Myself.



1 session


3 sessions


10 sessions
Major health projects or special focus projects require INTENSIVE SESSIONS of 10 or more. These sessions are normally given twice per day over a 5 day period.

Please contact us for more information, appointment or upcoming classes.

Tel: 832-786-9223 / Email: jsjacupressurehouston@gmail.com

Audio Clips

Listen to find out more about Jin Shin Jyutsu



One Day, Introduction to JSJ

Hands on, JSJ Self Help and tension/stress release covering Mary Burmeister’s Self Help Book 1. You will learn how to harmonize your attitudes which can help emotional stability as well as daily Self Help flows to keep your body healthy and happy.
A woman receiving a foot massage at a spa

Two Day, Introduction to JSJ

Introduction to JSJ and hands-on tension/stress release. Learn the location and meaning of “mankind’s safety energy locks and keys” covering Mary Burmeister’s Self Help Book 1-3
Baby receiving foot massage after diaper change with a thumb

JSJ Mother’s Workshop

Learn from Mary Burmeister’s Self Help Books simple Self Help for your baby/child for common ailments: fussiness, sinus, colic, stomachache, excema

To book a class or find out the class schedule and fee please contact JSJ Acupressure Houston 832-786-9223

Books and materials available for purchase separately.

Workshops are available for a wide variety of interests including:

  • Women’s Health
  • JSJ for Teenagers
  • JSJ for Mother’s with Young Children
  • JSJ and Convalescence Care
  • JSJ Self Help with the Elderly
  • Talks and Corporate Events
  • Presentations for Clubs and groups, Community Centers, etc.

For information about JSJ 5 Day Seminars and Special Topic Classes:

Jin Shin Jyutsu ®

Learning the Art Through Jin Shin Institute.


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